Strengthen Our Business Climate

There is no doubt that the political climate is changing at all levels of government and for our continued success, our program must change as well. This five-year plan contemplates a stronger focus on grassroots initiatives, online advocacy and coalition development around critical issues.

Create a Climate for Growth Companies

  • Grow OCAST, i2E and other targeted funds and/or entities that can help university and other public/ private individuals and companies thrive
  • Advocate at federal level for key industry sectors, including Aerospace and Defense, Biosciences and Energy

Expand Coalition Development and Grassroots Activities

  • Develop coalitions that include partner organizations and their constituents around key issues
  • Mobilize members and partners to advocate for key issues, expanding the reach and efforts beyond company leadership to include employees
  • Increase communications, intelligence and education efforts to equip and empower member and partner advocates to carry messages to elected leaders and public officials

Ensure Oklahoma’s Future Business Climate

  • Aggressively advocate for continued reforms of Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation system
  • Seek additional reform of the tort system to end abuse and reduce costs
  • Continue evaluation of legislative action on business issues using the Research Institute for Economic Development (RIED) and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Legislative Scorecard.
  • Enhance efforts to protect Oklahoma City’s clean air attainment, protect businesses from new regulation and secure Oklahoma City’s future water supply
  • Advocate for nationally competitive education standards in Oklahoma and for reforms and funding to support their success
  • Advocate at the local, state and federal levels to ensure Oklahoma’s future opportunities in the energy sector

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.