Amy Smith   Executive Assistant to the President

Convention and Visitors Bureau

Michael (Mike) Burns   Vice President of Sales and Services
Megan Cathey   Communications Coordinator
Kellie Myers   Convention Services Manager
Erin Randall   Sports Business Development Manager
Keith Talbert   Director of Convention Sales
Lindsay Vidrine   Vice President, Destination Marketing

Economic Development

Lee Copeland   Director of Talent and Business Growth
Tammy Fate   Sr. Manager, Retail Development and Recruitment
Evan Fay   Manager, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Brooke Hoehner   Manager, Economic Development
Aimee Schones   Senior Project Manager, Economic Development
Kim Wilmes   Vice President of Economic Development Programs

Government Relations

Mark D. VanLandingham   Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Policy
Derek Sparks   Senior Manager, Government Relations

Marketing and Communications

Cynthia Reid   Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Marcus Elwell   Senior Economic Development Marketing Manager
Molly Fleming   Public Relations Coordinator II
Cory Johnson   Communications and Print Production Assistant
Justin Tinder   Public Relations Coordinator I


Barbara L. Denny   CFO / Vice President, Operations
Jim Book   Manager of Information Technology
Rick Guzman   Facilities Operations Manager
Wesley Holmes   Accounts Payable Coordinator
Nicole Saltus   Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Loyce Turner   Sr. Manager of Information Technology