Seize Oklahoma City's opportunities

A region's economy radiates from its urban core and is supported by vibrant surrounding communities. The quality of life, natural and man-made amenities, and sense of community are essential elements for attracting and retaining both businesses and talent, as well as creating an appealing region for visitors.

Greater Oklahoma City leadership has strategically focused on comprehensive efforts that set us apart from others, including various MAPS initiatives. These efforts created the ability to leverage ongoing investment to further enhance our image and livability. Seizing such opportunities will result in making us proud to live and work in Greater OKC.

Moving Ahead: Our Action Plan

  • Conduct or support local and state campaigns and initiatives that have a positive impact on the region's business climate and which sets us apart from the competition.
  • Continue work to support a strong urban core with links to surrounding communities, including redevelopment activities to expand the retail sales tax base.
  • Participate in and support efforts to implement MAPS 3 and other initiatives to enhance our community infrastructure and natural amenities alongside our economic efforts.
  • Enhance the Chamber's ability to identify and track business and community issues that are critical to the vitality of our economy, increasing our ability to be proactive in our efforts.

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.