Maximize Oklahoma City's competitive advantage

In a global economy, companies look for business locations that offer them a competitive advantage, as well as a community that makes them feel welcome. Factors such as up-to-date infrastructure, the skills of the workforce, the pre-K - 20 school system, government policy, and cost of doing business are increasingly important to businesses. A strong business climate benefits our existing companies as well as those looking to expand and/or locate from outside our region.

The Chamber's efforts in education and government relations are core to the region's ability to help businesses thrive and maintain a competitive edge.

Moving Ahead: Our Action Plan

  • Advocate, at all levels of government, for pro-business legislation (e.g. workers' compensation reform and additional tort reform) and streamlined regulation.
  • Continue to support funding for regional infrastructure improvements, including a regional transportation system.
  • Support policies and funding that help OKC businesses conduct research and develop new products and services that will keep them competitive; enhance efforts with the Oklahoma University System and private colleges to connect their commercial research efforts to Oklahoma companies and industries.
  • Support enhancements to funding, organizational structure and increased performance of our pre-K - 20 education system to make it a top performer among its peers.
  • Support enhancements to math and science education including teacher preparation /credentials.
  • Continue to support and engage in efforts that build the skills and education attainment of our workforce, and retain top-tier talent in greater OKC.

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.