Market to attract new companies and investment

Growing and sustaining our economy means attracting new companies and increasing the amount of investment into the region. Effective recruitment starts with a comprehensive strategy that puts Greater Oklahoma City on the national radar screen, and then makes a good first impression on business leaders and visitors.

With marketing efforts that directly target decision makers and leveraging exposure from visitor marketing, we have successfully attracted key businesses to the region. Yet, our image is still not where we want it to be. Continued efforts to recruit companies and enhance our image as a place to do business is an essential component of Forward IV.

Moving Ahead: Our Action Plan

  • Continue recruitment of targeted companies that build on Greater OKC strengths and enhance the value chain for our targeted industry clusters.
  • Continue to benchmark and implement best-in-class marketing strategies, raising awareness about Greater Oklahoma City as a visitor destination and business location.
  • Enhance our marketing efforts to increase Oklahoma City's presence in national and international media.
  • Attract and host business events and conferences, targeting groups that align with our key industries and other economic strategies.
  • Maximize recruitment opportunities by aggressively marketing to individual and industry decision makers; leverage visitor marketing efforts to gain additional exposure to companies.

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.