Improve Oklahoma City's Reputation

Oklahoma City has never had a higher national profile than it does today. Whether it is a recognition of economic strength, growing status as a visitor destination or our major league success story, people are talking about Oklahoma City. We must take advantage of this momentum and continue our work to raise the profile of Oklahoma City to enhance our competitive position in the fight for talent and jobs.

  • Implement best-in-class marketing strategies to increase leads and opportunities for Oklahoma City to be considered for investment
  • Continue efforts to attract and implement high-profile events and conferences that attract opinion leaders to the market
  • Implement aggressive media relations strategies that leverage Oklahoma City’s success to increased national and international awareness
  • Continually benchmark awareness of the quality and desirability of Oklahoma City as a location for business and visitor investment

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.