Grow Our Quality Workforce

The Greater Oklahoma City region is outpacing the nation in nearly every category – job growth, income growth and productivity. A continued infusion of human capital is necessary for this growth trend to continue. This program doesn’t just contemplate one avenue for talent development, but recognizes the need for stronger home-grown talent, and the challenges of recruitment and retention.

Advocate for Better Results in Public Education

  • Explore models of school governance and funding that increase accountability and improve performance
  • Support community coalitions created to improve performance in Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Encourage education reform (preschool through age 20) that produces career- and college-ready graduates
  • Support increased early childhood education programs

Enhance and Grow Talent

  • Develop and deploy strategies to grow quantity and quality of educated and skilled workers
  • Expand availability of tools, marketing assets and support for companies to use when targeting talent
  • Expand engagement of human resource departments to support efforts to recruit talent
  • Recruit and engage new to market professionals
  • Continue outreach programs to college graduates, including internship program and other strategies
  • Develop increased intelligence of talent issues, including company demand, retention issues, relocation challenges and workforce alignment
  • Facilitate quality connections between growing companies and educational providers (career tech, universities, etc.) to better align needs with preparation

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.