A chef's tour of Oklahoma City

New York chef inspired by Oklahoma City roots

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

by Peter Meehan

Food & Wine

Writer Peter Meehan travels to Oklahoma City with New  York chef Danny Bowien to discover the ribs and burgers and food from Bowien's hometown that inspired him. He writes about it for Food and Wine Magazine. Here's an excerpt:

"... Danny, his wife, Youngmi Mayer, and their new son, Mino, have made New York their home base. Danny was named an F&W Best New Chef 2013. He launched Mission Cantina, where he serves his psychedelic take on Mexican food (sliced beef-tongue tacos topped with roasted peanuts and beer salsa), and he turned Mission Chinese Food into a Brooklyn pop-up while he searches for a new space. Throughout this period, Danny—who cooked in Manhattan at the outset of his career, with a formative turn at Tribeca Grill—has remained one of the nicest people in the business, with ever-changing menus that are always exciting.

"Why? How? The answer lies west of the Hudson River and east of the East Bay, in Oklahoma City, just about the bull’s eye of the USA, and Danny’s hometown. I traveled there with him recently to experience firsthand his you-won’t-believe-how-amazing-this-place-in-Oklahoma-City-is tour. In the span of 48 hours or so, we scoured the city for good food, and he cooked a spontaneous fund-raising dinner. Mission Chinese began as a pop-up; Danny’s willingness to risk failure (he had never cooked Sichuan-spiked Chinese food before) and his desire to find and feed a community, even if he’s flying by the seat of his pants, aren’t qualities you find in most chefs. ..."

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