OKC: 'artsy,' 'funky,' 'refined,'' says Esquire Magazine

Thursday, July 31, 2014

by James Joiner


On a cross-country journey, James Joiner, the special projects editor for Esquire (Magazine) Digital, explored Oklahoma City and found it artsy, funky and sophisticated.

“The ring of urban sprawl that encircles downtown is a moat of cool local shops and antique stores,” he wrote for Esquire. “Oklahoma City is a southern city, but not in a stereotypical “aw-shucks” way, but instead in a fashion that shows the south is alive, well, and as refined as any northern metropolis.”

Read his “Style Across America” take on Oklahoma City, including his stops at places like Chamber member Mr. Ooley's, a men's clothing store, 1901 Northwest Expressway, Suite 1023.