Hardin Is Candidate For School Board Chairman

Helped Establish Foundation for Elite Math/Science School

Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Black Chronicle

Lynne Hardin, one of those who helped establish the charitable foundation for the elite Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics, is a candidate for the chairman’s seat on the Oklahoma City school board.

The chairman’s seat is an at-large position, meaning that all voters in all districts will vote to determine who is elected.

School board chairmen serve a four-year term.

Angela Z. Monson, elected to the post four years ago, is seeking reelection.

The election is set for Tuesday, Feb. 12.

“My passion concerning our public schools runs deep,” Miss Hardin said in a statement released as she announced her candidacy, cited her efforts to help establish the foundation that resulted in the state science and mathematics school.

The mathematics and science institution attracts “our best and brightest” high school students from throughout the state.

She referred to the Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics as “a jewel in our education system.”

“As an outspoken supporter of the students, teachers and staff of Oklahoma City public schools,” the candidate said, “I believe the time is right for change on the school board.”

“My philosophy is simple,” she went on, “complaining about a situation serves no one.”

“We must come together to identify problems and fix them,” the candidate for school board chairman continued, placing emphasis on the words, “fix them.”

“I will bring a ‘can do’ attitude and enthusiasm, passion and urgency as chairman of the school board,” she commented.

“Oklahoma City is an A+ city,” the candidate said, “and we can restore our public schools from their current D status to A+.”

“Our children are the most valuable resource we have and how we inspire, cherish and educate them directly affects the future of our city,” Miss Hardin remarked. “We must do it for the 43,000 students and families we serve.”

If elected on Feb. 12, she said she will concentrate “on improving student academic achievement levels, on allowing teachers to teach, on hiring and keeping good teachers, on providing oversight and transparency and on reengaging our entire community” in the education of students.