Happy birthday, Oklahoma!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Oklahoma became the nation's 46th state 108 years ago today, on Nov. 16, 1907, but the capital didn't move to Oklahoma City (from the Territorial Capital of Guthrie) until voters decided to make it so three years later. The now-126-year-old Greater OKC Chamber led the campaign to move it  in 1910 because the metro area by then was thriving. Vying for the new state's capital were Guthrie, Oklahoma City and Shawnee, and OKC won by a landslide -- 96,261 votes, compared to Guthrie's 31,301 and Shawnee's 8,382, according to the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Read more about that at The Better Life OKC blog.

But in honor of Oklahoma's Statehood Day, you can also brush up on your Oklahoma history and that day by reading this, which details how Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory agreed to merge to become one and also by seeing digital versions of some of the original Oklahoma documents at the National Archives.

The transition from Oklahoma's territory days to statehood was quite interesting, and although Oklahoma's centennial celebration are a few years behind us, it's always a good day to remember how we got here.