SXSW: Where the Buffalo Lounge

Monday, March 10, 2014

by George Lang

The Oklahoman

When Oklahoma’s tech entrepreneurs, filmmakers and musicians make their big pitch every year with the Buffalo Lounge at Austin’s South By Southwest Conference, the message is always loud and clear: Oklahoma can do it all.

“With the Buffalo Lounge, the purpose of this is to show us to the rest of the world,” said Ginger Roddick of the Idea Collective, a creative firm that designs and plans the Buffalo Lounge each year. “South By Southwest is a global conference and by doing this, we bring a focus to Oklahoma, but one of the by-products of it is that we get Oklahoma to look at Oklahoma with fresh eyes.”

Now in its fourth year, the Buffalo Lounge takes place Monday through Wednesday, March 10-12, 2014, at a pop-up venue at 408 N Congress in downtown Austin. In terms of schedule, the Buffalo Lounge events straddle the official film and music halves of SXSW, the massive entertainment conference that attracted over 300,000 industry professionals, musicians, filmmakers, producers, journalists and fans in 2013. It is an event where films get distributors, musicians find record labels and start-up companies often acquire venture capital, and the Buffalo Lounge is designed to harness all that activity and focus it on Oklahoma’s creative class.

The Buffalo Lounge’s kick-off event focuses on film. “The Oklahoma Scene,” an conference sponsored by the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, takes place from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday and includes the annual 411 Publishing and Entertainment Partners webinar.

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The Greater OKC Chamber, the Oklahoma Film & Music Office and the Idea Collective teamed up to start The Buffalo Lounge in 2010 to increase Oklahoma's presence at South By Southwest. If you're in Austin, Texas, this week, join us there. For more information about the Buffalo Lounge and to stay in the know about other Oklahoma City-area happenings and hotspots, check out A Better Life blog.