Faith in OKC city leaders evident in election results

Thursday, September 14, 2017

by The Oklahoman Editorial Board


OKLAHOMA City voters who went to the polls Tuesday showed their faith in city leaders and their support for local law enforcement. Passage of the long list of items on the ballot is good news for the city.

Approval of a 27-month extension of the MAPS sales tax will translate into better streets, something residents always place at the top of their wish lists. The extension, which will begin Jan. 1 and run through March 2020, is expected to generate $240 million.

That money will complement roughly $550 million for street and bridge repair that was included in a package of 13 bond proposals totaling $967.4 million. Voters approved all 13, most of them by wide margins.

In all, roughly $785 million will be spent on streets, bridges and related improvements during the next decade, a sum that will transform the condition of our roadways and make them something the city can boast about.

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