Opinion: Proof of MAPS 3's success is evident in the progress

Friday, May 19, 2017

by Tom McDaniel

The Oklahoman

MAPS 3 continues to inspire civic pride through economic growth, cultural expansion and an improved quality of life. The $777 million project is a testament to the confidence our city leaders put in the people of Oklahoma City; the approved 1-cent sales tax that funds the projects debt-free is evidence of the voters' foresight. We've talked a lot about the transformational MAPS 3 program, and now we can see it coming to life.

Last month we celebrated MAPS 3's seven-year anniversary, and December will mark the end of tax collections for the entire program, which will be above initial projections. At this point, we can observe many of MAPS 3's successes, as well as continued growth in surrounding development. We anticipate that the MAPS 3 projects underway will be community cornerstones for generations to come.

It's exciting to report on the progress of the MAPS 3 Park. We just received bids for construction, and as part of a continued collaboration with residents, we involved the public in the park's naming. We will reveal the name during the June 29 groundbreaking.

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