Metro 50 Top of the Charts: ZZW Global Inc., No. 1

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 11:00 am

by Heide Brandes

Journal Record

With the knowledge and experience he gained working for Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as the input from valuable mentors, Zane Zachary Woods founded ZZW Global Inc. in July 2010.

Within three years, the family-operated oil and gas services company expanded from its beginnings in Texas to Oklahoma, Woods’ home state. As the business’s capital and operations continue to grow, Woods said ZZW Global is not only succeeding, but expanding into other areas as well.

ZZW Global now provides services ranging from rig washing and frac tank cleaning to soil farming and end dumps. Woods said clients turn to ZZW Global to coordinate and manage the many services for them instead of contracting with multiple companies.

“We are involved in many facets of the oil and gas services industry. We provide everything our customers need to acquire the resources they are drilling for, including but not limited to transport trucks, wash crews, rig hands and soil farming,” Woods said. “We specialize in meeting customers’ immediate and ongoing needs. We recognize that humanity needs the energy our customers develop, and we work daily to find ways to help them power the world.”

Woods came from humble beginnings, but he credits great mentors for his work ethic and business knowledge. Much of his youth was spent traveling, and that worldwide view gifted Woods with not only cultural experience, but also important relationships.

In 2013, ZZW Global Inc. boasted of no debt and a 5,043 percent jump in revenues compared with two years prior. In 2014, the business expanded into other sectors, including Z Woods Investments LLC, a real estate investment company.

“The sky is the limit. We expect to maintain the dynamic growth trend and continue to set our goals higher each year,” he said.

But with any growth comes new challenges. The greatest challenge for ZWW Global, Woods said, has been managing that increase.

“Balancing our current work flow and responsibilities while preparing for and implementing growth often feels more like an art than a science,” he said. “Timing is everything.”

Woods said that while safety and customer service are the company’s greatest strengths, commitment to efficiency and quality is the basis for ZZW Global’s competitive advantage. For Woods, the determination to produce ethical profits is the cornerstone for future independence of action and escalation.

“We are a small team with a fluctuating workforce based on demand in the field,” he said. “Our profits continue to increase as we garner trust from our customers and a reputation for promptness and dependability in the field.”