OKC sales tax collections increase

Friday, January 3, 2014

by Staff Report

The Journal Record

OKLAHOMA CITY – The general fund sales tax in Oklahoma City was up 2.2 percent in December from December 2012.

Collections for the month totaled $17.5 million. Sales tax is the largest single source of revenue for Oklahoma City.

The December sales tax check included collections for the second half of October and the first half of November.

All city sales taxes combined, which include the general fund, MAPS 3, police and fire and the zoo, generated $33.9 million in December.

The sales tax rate in Oklahoma City is 8.375 percent. The city’s portion is 3.875 cents of each dollar in taxable sales made in Oklahoma City. Of that, 2 cents is allocated to the general fund, 1 cent goes to MAPS 3, three-fourths of a cent is dedicated to police and fire and one-eighth of a penny goes to the zoo. The remaining four and a half cents belongs to the state.