Inc. Magazine: In OKC, entrepreneurs aim to create next cool startup scene

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In America's heartland, the race is on to show that not all cutting-edge products have to come from Silicon Valley.

Editorial assistant, Inc. Magazine
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For U.S. cities looking to become the next big tech hub, it's not enough to just recruit eager entrepreneurs. Cities also have to attract the employees (coders, designers, salespeople) who can keep the startup afloat.

A fine example of one place with the right idea is Oklahoma's very own capital city. Over the past few years, Oklahoma City has been restless to prove it can attract the nation's top startup talent.

"If you look at innovation across the world today, it's becoming more location-focused than ever," says Scott Meacham, president and CEO of i2e, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit that provides both educational resources and seed funding to startups. Launched in 1997, i2e has worked with over 580 businesses in the state.

In October, Google invited Oklahoma City to "explore bringing Google Fiber," the tech giant's lightning-fast fiber optic Internet service to the city. In a press release, Google cited the city title as "the #1 city to launch a new business."

Here are 4 reasons Oklahoma City is catching the attention of Google and many other ambitious tech entrepreneurs:

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