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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

by Matt Tucker

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For both commercial and residential facilities, Property owners and Management Companies that are responsible for the security of the general facility or individual tenant's space. Whether you manage a single multi-family housing, condos, lease office space, apartment complexes, or a network of communities in Oklahoma City, Ok, you need your security system to provide value well beyond the basic benefits. Trinity Security understands your top security concerns and offers the latest security, access controls, monitoring and surveillance systems and solutions.

Concern #1: Complexity and the Size of Residential Facilities

Due to the complexity in property differences and the large scope of the projects, a property manager/owner typically has a tough time finding the right security solutions that offers flexible capabilities and user-friendly software.

Our Solution: Custom Turn-Key Security Camera Systems

Our video security system experts offer custom security solutions that will meet your specific needs. We understand that every neighborhood and property is different, and may require a unique combination of cameras and security equipment in order to produce the best result.

Concern #2: Unauthorized Entry

Unauthorized occupants and access puts your business and tenants at risk of physical harm, and your property assets at risk of theft. Not to mention you could potentially expose your community amenities such as gym, swimming and laundry facility at risk.

Our Solution: Access Control

By installing an access control system, you have the ability and flexibility to manage physical access of your property and community. Our advance access control solution provides the flexibility to add as many doors, Entry Gates and walk thru gates as you need for your network.

Concern #3: Burglary

By far the most common threat to an apartment, community and business is burglary. The majority of burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are away. The burglary selection process is simple: choose a location with the easiest access and the least efficient security system.

Our Solution: Sophisticated Burglary Alarm System

Our Burglar security system proactively protects your valuable assets and prevents intrusion. A strategically placed burglar system can serve as a warning and a deterrent to would-be burglars. Anti-theft system at your property will provide a layers of protection and prevent costly losses.

Concern #4: Vandalism

The consequence of vandalism drastically diminishes the value of your property and is very expensive to get fixed or replaced. The conspicuous act of vandalism typically happens at night, in low-light areas. Without the proper equipment, it is difficult to capture the crime in action.

Our Solution: Outdoor and Vandal-proof hidden cameras

Augment traditional CCTV with covert video equipment to give you the hidden advantage over the criminals, along with the power to reduce your losses. Our hidden cameras are ideal in low light conditions. A vandal-proof security camera offers added protection because its resistant to tampering and provide clear images.


Don't be a Victim

As your local security expert, Trinity Security vows to safeguard your property from physical damage, minimize the threat of criminal activity and tenant misconduct, and reduce incidences of theft and vandalism. We offer FREE property management security needs analysis and to understand your security concerns, identify areas of potential vulnerability, and design the perfect security solution to protect your property, communities, businesses, and tenants.


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