Nordstrom Rack coming to OKC

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

by Molly M. Fleming

via The Journal Record

OKLAHOMA CITY – Residents familiar with the brands offered at a Nordstrom store can soon find many of those products and more at Nordstrom Rack, opening in fall 2013.

The announcement of the store’s opening in the city concludes a few years of recruitment by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

“Nordstrom Rack had been on our radar for several years,” said Jessica Herrera, manager of retail development and recruitment. “Our team had worked on that for at least more than two years. It’s been on our radar for several years because of the success we’ve seen in regards to Penn Square Mall and that area. We’ve definitely seen a lot of activity in that area.”

The 34,000-square-foot store will feature clearance merchandise from the Nordstrom stores, as well as items purchased exclusively for Nordstrom Rack. It will be in the former location of Linens n Things at Belle Isle Station, near Penn Square Mall.

“You can expect to find something that is marked down from our full-line store, as well as merchandise we’ve purchased from specific vendors,” said Megan Garvy, spokeswoman for Nordstrom.

Herrera said she thinks a number of factors finally brought the store to the area.

“The economy has proven to be a lot better for retailers nationwide,” she said. “I know retailers were a bit hesitant to do any new expansions a few years ago and now we’re in a different year, a different market, a different quarter. Other retailers have entered the market and done very well. I think it was good timing for (Nordstrom Rack), especially with the overall activity that Oklahoma City has seen with the retail residential growth.”

As to whether entrance of Nordstrom Rack means a Nordstrom is just around the corner, Garvy said it was not on the forecast at this time for the company.

“It’s hard to say,” she said. “There are a lot of things that have to line up for a new location. We’re just focused on opening the store at the Belle Isle Station. There are no plans to open a full-line store, but you can never say never.”

Herrera said the store will allow the company to test the waters for a possible Nordstrom in the Oklahoma City market.

“Welcoming them into our market and showing them that our customers really know their brand and know their products is a good way to show them how they would do in our market,” she said.