City Council approves first Better Streets, Safer City street improvement projects

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Less than two months after Better Streets, Safer City sales tax collections began, the Oklahoma City Council has given the green light to the first projects.

The Council voted Tuesday to approve the recommendation of the 11-member Community and Neighborhood Enhancement Advisory Board to move forward on a list of 16 street resurfacing projects. The projects are spread throughout Oklahoma City on highly-traveled streets with the greatest need for improvements. Visit for a project map and other details.

Construction on the projects is expected to begin this spring after a formal bidding process for the contracts.

The 16 projects are funded by the temporary sales tax portion of the Better Streets, Safer City program.

The temporary penny sales tax took effect Jan. 1, 2018, after the MAPS 3 tax expired, and it’s expected to generate about $240 million over 27 months: $168 million for street resurfacing, $24 million for streetscapes, $24 million for sidewalks, $12 million for trails and $12 million for bicycle infrastructure.

The Community and Neighborhood Enhancement Advisory Board makes recommendations about the Better Streets, Safer City sales tax projects to the City Council, which has final approval. The board meets on the first Monday of each month in Council Chamber on the third floor of City Hall, 200 N Walker Ave.

City staff presents the board with agenda items related to prioritization, timelines, design, contracts and other matters.

The projects will help address street conditions, the perennial top priority of Oklahoma City residents in the Council’s annual resident survey. The result will be smooth and safe streets for drivers, on-street amenities for recreational and commuting cyclists, and streetscapes and trails.

The sales tax projects are joined by the other major Better Streets, Safer City initiatives: a 10-year, $967 million bond program (including $536 million for streets, bridges, sidewalks and traffic control), and a permanent ¼ cent sales tax for more police officers, more firefighters and day-to-day operations.

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