Skyline's New Windscape Exceeding Expectations

Demos To Be Scheduled in OKC

Monday, August 12, 2013

by Stefanie Fields

Skyline has released the revolutionary new product called Windscape...the worlds first air powered exhibit system, and you've got to see it to believe it! First of all, we know what you're thinking:  bouncy castle.  Well, think again! Windscape combines military technology with high definition graphics to give you a vibrant, lightweight display that is so compact it can eliminate your freight and drayage costs on a 10X10 display or even a 10X20 display!  Let me say that again...

Windscape can ELIMINATE your frieght costs and drayage fees on displays up to 10X20.  The tabletop display fits in a backpack and sets up in less than 1 minute.  The 10' back wall fits in a carry on suitcase and sets up in 2 minutes.  Just think what you can do! No sending people in the night before to set it up and no waiting around for your containers at the end of the show, just deflate and you're on your way out.

The product comes in 46 stock shapes from tabletops and back walls, to hanging signs and even a 10 x 10 conference room! The hanging signs are so lightweight they can actually be cantilevered from the floor eliminating costly rigging expense.  The conference room has double sided graphics so your clients get the message walking by or attending a meeting.

Remember that bouncy castle we talked about earlier? There is no constant airflow in Windscape.  The inflator is designed to setup your display at a specific psi and then shuts off.  The display will stay inflated for 4-6 days with only minimal air seepage.  The frame itself is incredibly durable, made from the same material that our military uses to inflate temporary bridges that they can drive tanks over.  I'd say that's pretty durable!

Think about carrying your display in a backpack, or putting it in the overhead bin on your flight to the trade show. Slightly larger displays come in a rolling duffle that you can check as baggage on your flight.

Trade show displays don't have to be big and bulky, expensive to ship, costly to have delivered to your booth...but, most of them are and if you go to shows regulary, you know how much you can spend shipping your display around the country! Even if you have a 20X20 or larger display, incorporating Windscape pieces can dramatically decrease your expenses that go to shipping, drayage, rigging and installation/dismantle labor.

Demos are curently being scheduled for Oklahoma City.  Please contact Stefanie Fields for more information at 879-1015 or 227-1322 or visit for product videos.  Windscape is a patented product and just one more way that Skyline demonstrates it's award winnng customer focused innovation.