Indian Law Workshop

Half-day seminar is open to the public and will cover various tribal law topics

Friday, March 16, 2012

Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson, L.L.P., will host a seminar on American Indian law Friday, April 20, at the Sheraton Midwest City Hotel at 5750 Will Rogers Road. The workshop will run from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Cost to attend is $50 and includes breakfast and lunch. For more information, contact Tamara Freeman at

"Companies in nearly all industries in Oklahoma have done or will do business with a tribal entity," said William F. Riggs, Managing Partner at Doerner Saunders. "This seminar will present relevant considerations not only for tribes, but also for anyone interested in better understanding the way in which tribes are governed and regulated."

Partner Jon E. Brightmire will present on "Sovereign Immunity," the legal privilege by which tribal governments, as well as the American federal and state governments, cannot be sued. He will discuss how the Constitution and later federal laws protect the rights of tribal governments to govern conduct within their own jurisdictions, while the United States retains control over the scope of tribal law making.

Associate Bryan J. Nowlin will discuss "Regulation of Indian Gaming in Oklahoma," which began in 1988 with passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Nowlin will address the responsibility of American Indian tribes versus federal law to regulate gambling and profits from tribal gaming operations.

Partner Stuart D. Campbell will provide insight into the liability of American Indian gaming facilities that serve alcoholic beverages in the "Application of Dram Shop Liability to Tribal Gaming," followed by a presentation from David McCullough, Of Counsel, on "Federal-Tribal Government Contracting and 8(a) Entities." McCullough will help attendees navigate contracting requirements of doing business with tribes to help contractors avoid potential litigation.

Associate Ross A. Crutchfield will present on the "Application of Employment Laws in Indian Country," providing an overview of the law governing labor and employment relations and how it interfaces with tribal sovereignty.

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