Hi-Tech Solution To Oklahoma & Texas Nuisance Birds

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 6:00 am

by Gary Parks


Backwoods Wildlife Control is proud to announce that it is offering high quality bird control solutions for commercial and industrial clients, as well as residential units, power stations, landfill sites, sewage treatment plants and bridges. The state of the art and innovative bird protection methods implemented by Backwoods Wildlife Control make it the best choice for individuals who are considering a professional solution to a pest bird problem. Before implementing its pest bird solution, the experts at Backwoods Wildlife Control survey the property to find out which solution will defeat the current problem. Some of the resources at their disposal include pigeon control specialists, technicians, industrial climbers, pest controllers, disinfectors, ornithologists and falconers. “Our goal is to solve the problem while working within our customer’s budget,” said Gary Parks, owner of Backwoods Wildlife Control.

Backwoods Wildlife Control is the preferred solution because of their vast array of bird control techniques that include spikes, netting, wire, electrical systems, live predators, pigeon houses, acoustic, decoys, and bird kite-balloons. “A Backwoods Wildlife Control solution does not end after the installation phase. We also offer a high quality maintenance package for all of the bird control and bird proofing systems,” stated Parks. In addition to a maintenance package, they offer effective real-time solutions for the disposal of pigeon droppings, protection against bird parasites, and disinfection against bacteria and parasites. Backwoods Wildlife Control will work to keep your property safe from structural defects and rid the area of disease by cleaning up your environment. “We also specializes in bird control consulting by offering consultation services on finding the perfect bird control system while balancing its effectiveness with the aesthetics of the solution on the property,” mentioned Parks.

Backwoods is leading the way by using innovative technology

“Backwoods Wildlife Control prides itself in being the modern day Nuisance Wildlife Control company,” said owner Gary Parks. “We pride ourselves in being cutting edge and are demonstrating this by utilizing the Trap-Alert™ monitoring system made by New Frequency Inc., and we are reaping the benefits that this technology has brought into nuisance wildlife control.” With the Trap-Alert™ system, multiple traps can be monitored at one location with a single Trap-Alert™ unit. The unit not only signals whenever a trap is activated or closed, but also checks in daily with its current battery status, signal strength, and physical trap status. “Coupled with the best online routing and dispatch software in the industry, the complete Trap-Alert™ system keeps wildlife control professionals in touch and informed about their customers at all times,” stated Parks. New Frequency President, Todd Moran, noted that “Backwoods was an early adopter of the Trap-Alert™ system and helped evolve its footprint in the industry and this system is providing Backwoods with yet another tool in its already impressive arsenal of services.” He also added that, “this will give Backwoods a clear competitive advantage in his service territory and the New Frequency team looks forward to providing new and innovative sensor kits that will allow Backwoods to outfit every type of trap he owns with a Trap-Alert™ mounting kit.”

In addition, Backwoods Wildlife Control, as part of its technology push, is piloting a new bird exclusion system that utilizes satellite imagery to aid in spotting trends in bird patterns that will provide intelligence that did not exist before.“Backwoods Wildlife Control will be at the upcoming Greater Oklahoma City Chamber - SchmoozaPalooza Networking Trade Show to inform future clients about these new technologies and to show how Backwoods is the Leading Nuisance Wildlife Control Company in Oklahoma and Texas,” stated Parks.

About Backwoods Wildlife Control

Besides pest birds, Backwoods Wildlife Control specializes in the removal of raccoons, rats, skunks, birds, feral cats, snakes, foxes, bees, opossums, squirrels and others within Central Oklahoma, South Oklahoma and North Texas; namely Oklahoma, Comanche and Wichita counties. Backwoods services commercial, industrial and residential customers. The company prides itself in being the leading wildlife removal company that continues to deliver exceptional service. No problem is too small or too large for Backwoods, and every situation is handled in the most humane way possible. Additional services that Backwoods excels in delivering are exclusions, damage repairs, waste clean‐up, decontamination, deodorization, sanitation, and re installation of insulation. Backwoods humane approach to controlling and dealing with nuisance wildlife makes it the best choice for our customers.


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