MEGALunch Gives Oklahoma City Businesses and Nonprofits Face-to-Face Marketing Opportunities

Tuesday, November 10, 2015 6:00 pm

On November 5, 2015, NOAH’s Event Venue hosted the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s MEGALunch. Over 50 business and nonprofit representatives gathered for face-to-face marketing. Randi White represented the SJC Marketing team.

SJC Marketing established a presence in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area earlier this summer and offers print, digital and social marketing strategies and content to small businesses and nonprofits across the country. The MEGALunch provided the SJC team with an opportunity to personally connect with Oklahoma City’s business representatives and offer insight into the value of quality marketing content.

Perk Place Café served MEGALunch attendees salad, sandwiches and dessert before networking rotations began. Table hosts greeted representatives and guided networking discussion. Each attendee received 90-seconds to present his or her brand’s story and value to the Oklahoma City community. Five rotations afforded representatives six opportunities to network with new table full of connections. Rotation breaks were filled with door prize giveaways, donated by Oklahoma City businesses.

A few of the nonprofits and businesses represented were Novo Ministries, The Capitol on 28th, Royal Printing Company, Inc. and Lettering Express. Novo Ministries seeks to reach Oklahoma City’s inner-city children by equipping volunteers with the skills and tools to communicate on a relatable level. The Capitol on 28th offers downtown living with contemporary micro, one- and two-bedroom apartments. Royal Printing Company, Inc. is a family-owned, digital printing team. Lettering Express puts Oklahoma City brands on banners, promo items, apparel and vehicles.

About SJC Marketing

SJC Marketing is a full-service marketing, communication and content creation company. They offer professional communication solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. With a team of writers, marketing professionals and social media experts, their services include targeted and highly-focused content and strategic marketing plans. The team’s focus is delivering clients high-value strategies and unique content that are backed with research and creativity. Please contact Randi ( for more information.