Setting the streetcar scene in OKC

Friday, January 8, 2016

The discussion about Oklahoma City's streetcar project continues as the city continues the implementation of the latest phase of its Metropolitan Area Projects (or MAPS 3 for short). Here's a recent update about the project from The Better Life OKC blog, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's go-to place for those who are new to the area:

Ding ding ding, the new streetcar system will make us sing! (Or at least cut down on our downtown car driving.) But truly, one of our most-anticipated MAPS 3 projects is the modern streetcar and transit hub. The initial six-mile system is hoped to jump-start a new era of clean mass transit and help connect many of the downtown area’s up-and-coming districts, workplaces, public amenities, and more. The project also provides funds to renovate the Santa Fe station into a new intermodal transit hub, where riders can switch from one mode of transit to another, in addition to providing a new pedestrian portal to Bricktown.

Curious about the route? Here’s a map of the approved framework, and here is a cool animation of what it might be like to ride. Phase I is scheduled for completion by 2018, with Phase 2 in 2021. (Wait for it…) All aboard! (You knew we were going to go there eventually.)

This streetcar system isn't even the first one that Oklahoma City has ever had. That title goes back to 110 years ago, when the city's increasing density made public mass transit a necessity. Read more and see photos at The Better Life Blog.