"Yes on 792" alcohol modernization campaign forms

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 13, 2016) – With the passage of Senate Joint Resolution 68, Oklahomans will have the opportunity to vote yes on state question 792 in November to allow the sale of wine and beer in grocery and convenience stores.

Today, Yes on 792 filed its ethics report with the State of Oklahoma and announced its campaign officers:

·       Chairman – Jeff Reasor, president and chief executive officer of Reasor’s

·       Treasurer – Glenn Coffee, attorney and former President Pro Temp of the Oklahoma State Senate

“My father started Reasor’s in 1963 with one fundamental idea, ‘sell the customer items they want to buy, not what we want to sell,’” said Reasor, president and CEO of Reasor’s, an employee-owned grocery store with 19 locations in northeastern Oklahoma. “We’ve heard countless requests over the years for wine and regular-strength beer to be sold in our stores, and this November Oklahomans will have the opportunity to make these requests a reality. However, this vote isn’t just about our stores, but also a positive statewide image and consumer choice.”

In addition to grocery and convenience stores, other parties joining the movement include craft brewers, grape growers and retail merchants.

“Oklahoma grape growers, vineyards and wineries all celebrate this opportunity. A “yes” vote means we can grow our businesses and share our love for wine,” said Chelsea Dye, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council.

Kiley Raper with the Oklahoma Retail Merchants Association believes mom and pop liquor store owners will benefit as well as consumers. “With passage of 792, smaller shops will now be able to offer refrigerated products and non-alcohol items like mixers, ice, corkscrews and other products. Many consumers look forward to this increased convenience.” 

Oklahoma is one of only five states still requiring grocery stores to sell 3.2 percent beer. Under the current laws, Oklahomans can’t buy wine at the grocery store or cold, regular beer in any retail store.

A public launch of the campaign is expected in early July. For more information, visit YesOn792.com.

About Yes on 792
Yes on 792 is a campaign to encourage support of State Question 792, which will appear on the Oklahoma ballot on November 8, 2016 along with candidates for president. Passage would allow the sale of wine and regular, cold beer in grocery and convenience stores across Oklahoma. Advocates include retailers, craft brewers, grape growers and consumers.

Ally Glavas, Candor