Oklahoma City Schools Compact issues statement on superintendent

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education, district leadership, educators and community worked together for many months developing the vision laid out in The Great Commitment. The Oklahoma City Schools Compact and its members stand ready to help continue the positive momentum and direction resulting from this planning process. Acting Superintendent Aurora Lora will continue the positive momentum that exists in the district and allow for engaged work on challenges and emerging opportunities.

The Oklahoma City Schools Compact was created to bring together businesses and community organizations so they can work together to help the Oklahoma City Public Schools. A recognition that OKCPS would continually face changes in both administrators and elected leadership was a motivational factor in the Compact’s formation. These leadership changes, which are common in almost every urban school district, make it difficult to implement and sustain success in the public schools. The Compact believes it is vital that the community engage with the board and administration to make this district a success.

 The Oklahoma City Schools Compact was formed in August of 2015. The five organizations comprising the compact include:  Oklahoma City Public Schools, City of Oklahoma City, United Way of Central Oklahoma, The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools and Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. These organizations have agreed to work collectively to support efforts and initiatives to foster school improvement and performance.