W Properties makes real estate investing easy

3 easy ways you can invest in real estate

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 7:00 am

by Tyler Weinrich

W Properties makes real estate investing easy

3 easy ways you can invest in real estate


The main focus of our company at W Properties is to find deals on real estate in and around OKC which we can then profit from via a few different exit strategies. Essentially, we are a company that buys houses in Oklahoma City.  Last year we bought around 50 properties, selling many of those for profit to retail or investor buyers. In the 5 years we have been in business we have seen and done it all from owning rental property to flipping houses to lending money as a private lender. If you have thought about investing in real estate for whatever reason, below are 3 quick ways you can invest in real estate in OKC. 


Strategy #1 - Flip homes

Sounds like a lot of work but is it? There are several companies around town that will manage a remodel from design to finish for you with very little to zero involvement. All you have to do is find a deal on a house, these general contractors will take care of the rest. You don't have to worry about managing contractors, buying materials, choosing the right wall color or tile....just let them handle it. The catch is finding a deal on a house to make for a profitable investment. To do this, you need to look at off-market properties most likely. The easiest way to do this is connect with a few wholesalers around town. For those that don't know, wholesalers are real estate investors that focus on finding good deals on houses. They might find a house that would make a perfect flip investment, buy it, and sell it to an investor that wants to spend the time/money to do the remodel for a $10,000 spread. Then, they go find the next deal. If you need help finding reputable wholesalers in town or want to talk about other ways to find good houses to flip in OKC, e-mail me at Tyler@WPropertiesOK.com or call/text at 405-350-8071. 


Strategy #2 - Turn-Key Rentals

Owning rental property isn't as bad as it seems. Sure you can get unlucky at some points but for the most part, a properly managed and maintained property presents very few issues for landlords. If you really want to easily invest in real estate in OKC, look into turn-key rentals. Turn-key rentals are properties that someone else buys, remodels, and places a tenant in which an end-investor purchases. The end-investor gets a fully rehabbed property with a nice tenant inside already paying rent  and some equity in the house. The investor that found the house, bought it, and remodeled it sells the house for more than they had in it to profit and/or manages the property after it is sold. This type of investing eliminates most of the hassle of spending hours finding a good deal on a house to buy and managing a rehab on a house to get it rented. If this sounds appealing, give me a call to see how you can get in touch with a turn-key rental company.


Strategy #3 - Be the Bank

If you understand the basics of finance, you know how banks make money. They lend deposits out to borrowers for homes, cars, business loans, or other purposes and collect interest on this money. You can do the same thing. I have done this here in town. A while back I had some spare capital I wasn't using and knew aother real estate investor who needed some cash to buy a house and remodel it. I lent him the money at a solid interest rate secured against the real estate by mortgage and note just like a bank. I got my interest as profit and was paid in full when the rehabbed house sold a few months later. I wouldn't have done this unless the house was here in OKC so I could go see it if needed and the borrower had plenty of equity in the home in case something went wrong. If something did go wrong, I'd own a home at .50 on the dollar so I was ok with that. If you are curious how this strategy works, call/text me at 405-350-8071 or e-mail at tyler@WPropertiesOK.com


Hopefully these 3 tips have helped you think about about investing in real estate here in OKC. We are in a great market with solid values and rents. The possibilities are endless with how you can invest in real estate and not limited to the 3 strategies here. If you'd like to meet up sometime to discuss the OKC real estate investment market, call text or e-mail me!


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