Leadership Notes: Staying smart, vigilant is important

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

by Roy Williams

As we come nearer to the end of what’s undoubtedly been a challenging year for all, we’ve begun seeing signs of what’s become known as “pandemic fatigue,” where people may be letting their guard down on certain safety measures and curtailment of potentially unsafe activities and situations due to simply being “over it.”

While certainly understandable, we need to remind ourselves to be smart and stay vigilant in our coronavirus prevention efforts. Recent trends with regard to case numbers and hospitalizations are troubling.

Our personal health and safety and that of our family, friends, colleagues and business associates are at stake, as well as the health of our economy, as each new case brings potential economic ramifications along with the more obvious health concerns.

It’s important to stay the course and continue to wear masks when in public settings indoors and outdoors where social distancing is difficult. Make certain to wash your hands frequently, and navigate your daily lives carefully in a way that decreases the chance of spread.

There appears to be legitimate hope for the approval of at least one vaccine before the end of the year, and there may even be multiple vaccination options shortly. Help is on the way, but until then, let’s continue what we do best as Oklahomans, and take care of each other.

This story originally appeared in the Nov. 2020 edition of The Point.