Tackling the region's talent needs

Monday, August 20, 2018


Each year, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s economic development team meets with hundreds of local companies.

They meet with companies big and small, across all industries, with a primary goal in mind: listening.

These visits are an open platform for the business community to express any concerns about the region’s business climate. Over the past five years or so, no matter the industry or size of the company, one theme became prevalent across the board: talent. How to keep talent, recruit it, develop it and find it.  

“The ability to recruit and retain talent is the No. 1 issue facing business growth, not only in Oklahoma City, but nationwide,” said Greg Jones, director of talent and business growth for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. “Our goal is to build collaborations between industries and education to ensure our community has the workforce it needs to prosper for the next several decades.”

To attack the problem, the Chamber hired national strategists to evaluate what needs to be done to help our companies meet their workforce needs. They dug into how talent, or lack thereof, is impacting businesses across Oklahoma City. The results of that analysis has formed the basis of our “next generation talent strategy.”

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