The Total Resource Development Campaign is the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's annual fundraising campaign and membership drive. A network of volunteers connects members with sponsorship and advertising opportunities that are available through the Chamber.

What is the purpose of the Campaign?
What does a volunteer do?
Who is involved?
Why should I participate?
What do the volunteers have to say about TRDC?
How much time will it take?
What kind of training is available for volunteers?
Who can I talk to about volunteering?

What is the purpose of the Campaign?
Volunteers sell memberships, sponsorships of Chamber events, and ads in Chamber publications. The also invite companies that are not members yet to become part of the organization.

The Chamber uses these dollars to:
• provide quality programs and events for members,
• recruit jobs to Greater Oklahoma City,
• help existing companies grow, and
• advocate for pro-business legislation.

What does a volunteer do?
From mid-April through the end of July, volunteers contact member companies to discuss the marketing and advertising opportunities available through Chamber events, programs and publications.

Volunteers sell everything from booths at SchmoozaPalooza and tables at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting to golf teams for the Chamber golf tournament and ads in the Chamber’s newsletter, The POINT

Who is involved?
The 2018 Campaign Co-Chairs are Kristin Peck, Cox Communications, and Chris Reen, The Oklahoman Media Company. Along with their Vice Chair Cabinet, they help lead the Campaign.
2018 Campaign Leadership

Many of Oklahoma City’s top businesses and their employees continue to participate in the Campaign year after year as sponsors and volunteers.

Why should I participate?
Expanding business contacts and meeting new people
TRDC Volunteers report that one of the main reasons they participate in the Campaign is the relationships they establish – with each other and with their clients.

Corporate visibility
Your company gets great exposure during the Campaign. The stronger your performance, the more recognition you and your company receive.

Professional development
The Campaign provides a great opportunity for leaders like you to grow professionally. The Campaign offers a great opportunity to expand your skill set -- making you a more valuable employee.

Learning about the Chamber
It’s a great way to become more familiar with the work of the Chamber and learn about the various marketing opportunities and benefits that are available to member companies.

Having fun
From the Kick-Off Luncheon, the Team Leader meetings, and the Victory Celebration, this Campaign is fun!

Earning Incentives
You can earn cash incentives for your sales efforts. And, volunteers who reach specific monetary goals qualify for a group trip! We’ve traveled to signature locations such as Playa Del Carmen, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

What do the volunteers have to say about TRDC?
“For me, TRDC has about the friendships made and the places that you go with those friendships both personally and professionally. It’s also been personally rewarding to be a small part of a great organization that directly impacts our city in such a positive way. Being involved over the last 20 years with the TRDC program and the Chamber has been simply amazing.”
– Laure Majors, Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Associates, PC

“TRDC allows you to bring your involvement and networking to a whole new level. How often do you have the opportunity to have casual conversations with top local companies’ executives on a weekly basis?”
– Jordan Jordanov, American Fidelity Assurance Company

“Personally I have found it is one of the best places to connect with some of the most successful group of “go getters” in the city. The fun and positive people make the campaign something that enriches my life both personally and professionally.”
– Katie Price, Bank of Oklahoma

“Since I believe in the OKC Chamber’s mission, it is easy for me to share the benefits of membership and sponsorships. TRDC is a great way to get involved and promote our city and volunteers are provided with great resources, support and rewards for the work they do.”
– Diana Wall, Accel Financial Staffing  

“TRDC is so many things – friendships, fun, bonding, networking, raising money to advance our city.”
– Hilarie Blaney, BancFirst

“Participation in the TRDC campaign has been instrumental in helping me to cultivate and expand many valuable business relationships. In addition, the Chamber has been an extremely valuable resource in helping our company stay current on all of the great economic development going on in our city.”
– Steve Barrymore, OPUBCO Communications Group

How much time will it take?
We are sensitive to your time demands. That’s why we conduct our Campaign functions during lunch or after-work receptions. In addition to training session, we ask that volunteers attend our Kick-Off Luncheon, Team Meetings and the Victory Celebration. Outside of these events, you can spend as much or as little time as you wish selling sponsorships, advertising and memberships on behalf of the Chamber.

What kind of training is available for volunteers?
We want all our volunteers to have fun and be successful. We offer a number of trainings that will give you all the tools you need. See the Calendar of Campaign Training Sessions for information on all of these.

Who can I talk to about volunteering?
Suzette Ellison – Member Development Manager