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April 25
Rise & Shine
Network with other professionals and engage in a topic of discussion
April 29
Golf Tournament
Treat your clients and prospects to a round of golf this spring.
April 30
Sunset Reception
Make business connections with other members at Lighthouse Beach Bar.
May 1
DC Visit
Join local leaders on a two-day visit to Washington, D.C.


Below is a list of some of the scheduled shopping opportunities during the trip. Many stores are able to ship purchases home for you.

It is culturally expected that shoppers will negotiate prices with vendors and that the actual purchase price of most items will be several times below the original asking price. Most vendors accept U.S. dollars. For those cash transactions, please be aware that most vendors do not make change and it is always best to carry small bills whenever shopping in China.

Jade Factory: You will get a chance to visit Beijing Jade Carving Factory, the biggest jade collection in China, where you'll find hundreds of thousands of precious jade, jadeites and handmade jade carvings.

Pearl Farm: The Pearl shop in Beijing has been exhibiting a rich variety of home produced sea pearls and fresh water pearls for both the historical reason and the modern market. Among them, the king and queen-size pearls are really of precious quality.


Suzhou Embroidery Institute: This state-owned handicraft research institute features products including the truly beautiful hand-made double-sided embroidery articles of vivid animals and flowers.

Suzhou Silk Factory: This factory produces one-fifth of the country's silk products. The beautifully designed silk clothes and tour of the factory make it a real attraction to tourists.


Hangzhou Dragon Well Tea Farm: The Dragon Well Tea Farm planted in this village once contributed only to the Chinese Royal Family. Today it is a famous brand of tea in China.


Shanghai Carpet Mill: The Carpet Mill produces highquality silk tapestries of all kinds and sizes. The hand-made silk tapestries of 400 to 600 knots per square inch are precious merchandise.

For more information, please contact or (405) 297-8921.