Education & Workforce

An educated workforce leads to better business recruitment and expansion and is key for Greater Oklahoma City’s bright future. A strong education system plays a large role in our city’s ability to recruit new residents. Strong public schools provide quality educations for our children, as well as prepare a qualified workforce for our city’s future.

Through legislative efforts and projects such as MAPS for Kids, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is working to ensure our schools produce talented graduates who build their careers in Oklahoma.

Education Reform at the State Capitol
Each year the Chamber outlines a number of legislative priorities for the annual session. Education is always a top priority, with key issues including:

  • Fundamental Education Reform
  • Support for Early Childhood and Pre-K
  • Increased Curriculum Standards & Graduation Requirements
  • Charter Schools


Greater Grads
The Greater Grads program works to build Oklahoma City’s talent base by connecting Oklahoma college graduates – a vital component of the City’s future workforce – with employers in the Oklahoma City region.

For more information, please contact a member of our Education and Workforce staff.