Midwest Wrecking Company

Over the past 41 years, the skyline of Oklahoma City has been ever changing and Midwest Wrecking Company has played a major role in that changing skyline.

In 1976 with a loader and one truck, Ben and Peggy Kates and Mike and Anita Hamilton started Midwest Wrecking. With their vision and hard work, the company developed into the largest full service demolition company in Oklahoma with a reputation for quality work that was performed safely, timely, and efficiently. Mike Hamilton retired in 1998 and Ben and Peggy Kates owned and operated the business until Ben’s death in 2015. The company is now owned and operated by Chris Kates, Peggy Kates, and Kevin Kates.

Midwest Wrecking has a special skill set of employees with over a combined 500 years of experience to complete jobs of all sizes whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial. These employees and the specialized demolition equipment have been vital for the completion of major projects within the Metroplex. Midwest Wrecking has demolished buildings for development of Leadership Square, Devon Tower, Sandridge Energy, Bell Isle, Chesapeake Energy, the Murrah Federal Building and most recently the Black Hotel. They have completed interior renovations to the Civic center, Cox Center, Ford Center, and Skirvin Hotel along with many other developments that are too numerous to mention. but have all played roles in the development of the city of Oklahoma City. It is probably accurate to say that Midwest Wrecking has been involved in a project on every block in downtown Oklahoma City. Midwest Wrecking is proud of the Oklahoma City metro leadership and their continued foresight for the growth of Oklahoma City and their dedication to make Oklahoma City one of the best places to live. Midwest Wrecking Company has and will always continue to meet the requirements to assist in making Oklahoma City a better place.



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