Creating prosperity through accountability

Posted by: Roy H. Williams on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

In her presentation at the Chairman’s Event on March 9, Gov. Mary Fallin showed off the state’s new website listing five statewide goals and 160 measurable outcomes that will help agencies achieve these goals. The information found at will help the state and its residents keep a better eye on whether state-funded programs are working or not, a move that Fallin expects will help the state manage its budget better.

As a resident of Oklahoma City, I know how much value an efficient and accountable government brings a city. Oklahoma City has been able to achieve high-levels of efficiency all while investing money into critical infrastructure improvements. Oklahoma City has also been a thought leader when it comes to investing in the quality of life of its residents through the MAPS program – all without incurring any debt.

I applaud Gov. Fallin for taking this important step in creating an effective and accountable government that is working toward measurable goals. The future success of Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma depends on the goals we set today. It is encouraging to know that elected officials like Gov. Fallin are working toward the same outcomes that the Chamber pursues every day: a more prosperous place to live and work and a better place to raise our children.


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