Supporting education, together

Posted by: Roy H. Williams on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

At last month’s State of the Schools luncheon, more than 550 business leaders came together for a discussion on the state of education in Oklahoma. From discussions on aligning education programs to meet the needs of businesses to learning about the progress made in the Oklahoma City Public School District, attendees were able to engage in an important dialogue about the role that our community plays in the success of its education systems.

As the voice of business in Oklahoma City, the Chamber is very aware of the importance that education plays in the health of our society. From producing a qualified workforce for Oklahoma City’s businesses to enhancing Oklahoma City’s appeal as a relocation destination, our schools matter deeply to our businesses – and they have for a long time. We are also aware that cultural change does not happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen in isolation. A community effort is absolutely necessary to continue positive momentum and create lasting change.

For this reason, the Chamber and four other community organizations are forming the Oklahoma City Schools Compact. This Compact will operate under the collective impact model, meaning that we will solve educational challenges under a common agenda and with the same goals and measurements. We represent all aspects of the community: schools, city administration, businesses and nonprofit organizations. And we all share a vested interest in the outcome of our efforts.

As administrations and political climates change, the Compact plans to be a consistent force of progress toward a better future for our students. Collectively, we will be able to address needs and solve problems that can’t be met in the classroom alone.


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