With High Quality of Life, Opportunities Abound

Posted by: Roy Williams on Monday, May 2, 2011 at 11:18:49 am

Oklahoma City is full of surprises - and we consistently impress those new to our community. This month, the Chamber added another element to our efforts of promoting Oklahoma City to our new residents. The Better Life: Giving you the 411 on the 405, a new blog and e-mail program, will help new residents discover what our city has to offer.

The Chamber works tirelessly, along with many partners, to recruit new businesses to our city and help existing businesses expand. With that comes new jobs, and with those new jobs come new residents - and the responsibility of helping those individuals feel at home in Oklahoma City.

From fitness and volunteering to festivals and retail, we will cover a wide range of events and activities in the region - helping our new citizens get a leg-up on their new lives here in Oklahoma City. Each week, we will publish two posts, one covering a new topic, such as farmers' markets in the area or an upcoming festival, and one featuring a list of upcoming events in the area. Readers will be able to comment on each post to share their experiences and get better connected. They can also connect with the Chamber and other readers through social media outlets.

This new program will work in concert with a variety of existing Chamber programs and events to help new residents get more involved and become better acquainted with the city we call home. Our city has come a long way, and it's important that we take a chance to appreciate the incredible quality of life opportunities available to all of us. As our city continues to grow and change, you can be sure the Chamber will continue its work to promote Oklahoma City and act as one of its greatest advocates.

For more information about this program and for more information about how your company can utilize this program for new employees, check out the story on page 5.


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