Putting Oklahoma City on the Map

Posted by: Roy Williams on Friday, April 1, 2011 at 4:05:35 pm

Oklahoma City is a great place to live, work, play and visit. You know that. I know that. And Id like to think that the majority of people whove come through our city over the past decade know that. But there are more than enough people out there who dont. As leaders of the business community and community cheerleaders, it is up to us to help get the message out.

We have a great product to offer. Oklahoma City is cost effective, culturally interesting, and brimming with plenty to do. We have world-class museums, high-quality restaurants, family friendly attractions, energizing sporting events and a wide variety of outdoor activities. We are a clean city with friendly people, a diverse and stable economy, and a business-friendly climate.

Our new image campaign is working to ensure that everyone knows what Oklahoma City really has to offer not what they think they know about us. When you combine that with the work of our Convention & Visitors Bureau, the diligence of our Economic Development team and everything in between, the Chamber is focused on telling our story.

We must take advantage of every opportunity to show what Oklahoma City has to offer. From nationally televised Thunder games and the annual Memorial Marathon to ads in the Wall Street Journal and conventions, there is not a single day we are not given the chance to tell our story.

I can guarantee you that the Chamber will always do our best to make sure that everyone businesses, site selectors, visitors, leaders from other communities and more know that this city is the place to be. I only ask that you do the same. Share the link to our new online channel and digital magazine with your friends, colleagues and family. We live in an incredible city and we are each ambassadors and promoters of its success.


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