Setting the Pace for Development

Posted by: Roy Williams on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 12:00:00 am

Big changes are happening all around us. I would find it hard to believe if you told me you had not noticed. No matter what part of the City you spend the majority of your time, changes are taking place.

The list of ongoing and recently completed projects is extensive: Project 180; Classen Curve; the outlet mall; the realignment of I-40; the Oklahoma Health Center campus; the Devon Tower; Whole Foods; hundreds of road and bridge projects associated with the 2007 G.O. Bond; the new Farmers Insurance facility; and many others.

Our efforts are working, and we are making an impression on some of the most impressive companies in our nation. Companies like Whole Foods are choosing Oklahoma City for their newest locations and those like Farmers are seeing the value of further investing in Oklahoma City.

Not only are big developments happening in Oklahoma City, but the biggest developments in the U.S. are happening here, now. The progress we are seeing is extraordinary, and something other cities are simply not seeing right now. We are continuing to set the example of what cities want to achieve.

The changes and developments happening around Oklahoma City are not only affecting our landscape – both physical and economic; they’re improving our quality of life. And while I’m certainly excited about what that means for all of us, I’m also looking forward to what it means for our future businesses and the new residents they bring. Quality of life plays a tremendous role in the decision to choose a location, and by improving the quality of life in Oklahoma City, we’re making it easier for businesses and individuals to choose us.

The changes we’re seeing are not the results of any person or organization’s individual efforts. It takes the work of us at the Chamber, along with the work of business and community leaders in order to be successful. As we watch our city’s landscape change over the coming months and years, I hope you will join me in the effort to maintain momentum. There is a great deal more that we can achieve, and if we continue to work together, we can further improve the quality of life in Oklahoma City; continue to grow our economy; and continue to be the pacesetter for community development.


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