Engaging in Our Future

Posted by: Roy Williams on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 at 11:19:45 am

Oklahoma City has seen incredible success over the past two decades. Much of this can be credited to the citizens who put their vote of confidence in Oklahoma City and its future by passing initiatives that have transformed our city. However, the progress we’ve seen would not have been possible without the leadership of our elected officials at both the capitol and the City of Oklahoma City.

As citizens, it is important that we remain involved in both the state and local political process, and as members of the business community, it is critical that we make our voice heard by casting our vote in elections and then having dialogue with those we elect.

The Chamber’s Legislative Agenda for 2011 includes a variety of issues, but as always, our main focus is creating a stronger business climate in the region. And while we will diligently pursue all areas of our agenda, there are two that I want to bring to your attention – workers’ compensation reform and lawsuit reform. Recently, we’ve been successful in enacting changes in both of these areas. And while these changes have produced some benefit to our employers, we must enact real reform if we want to be able to compete with other states.

On the local level, we have an opportunity to continue the progress that Oklahoma City has seen over the past two decades. Our current Mayor and his predecessors recognized that with the right commitment, we could make this a world class city. And with the support and direction of the members of the City Council, we have succeeded. On March 1, there will be primary elections for four of the eight seats on Oklahoma City’s City Council, with the general election being held on Tuesday, April 5. If we want our city’s progress to continue, we as citizens must elect those who will continue the vision that we have started.

It is vital that the business community remain engaged in the decisions being made at our capitol and at City Hall. During the upcoming election and the Legislative Session, please take every opportunity to make your voice heard – whether it’s by voting on March 1 or contacting your legislators about issues important to you and your business. We have the opportunity to continue our progress, but we must remain vigilant and continue the vision we have started.


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