Giving credit where it is due

Posted by: Roy H. Williams on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Last month, the Chamber and other members of the Metro 50 Committee were able to honor the 50 fastest growing companies in the central Oklahoma region. While this event celebrated individual companies throughout the metro area and in several different sectors, it also highlights something very important about Oklahoma City’s economy: It is sustained by our existing businesses.

In total, the 2015 Metro 50 winners generated more than $735 million in revenues and employed about 2,100 Oklahomans. This significant economic impact supports the recently released findings of our 2015 Business Retention and Expansion Report – Oklahoma City’s most significant economic growth comes from its existing businesses. In FY15, 93 percent of interviewed companies reported an increase or no change to the number of people that they employed and 69 percent said their product or service was in an emerging life cycle. A majority of the companies in Oklahoma City are thriving.

While a lot of factors contribute to a company’s success, we must give credit to the existing businesses that employ our neighbors and invest in our communities. The business leaders of Oklahoma City are hardworking and determined. I am confident that no matter what challenges come our way, the Oklahoma City business community will continue to lead the way in creating progress. The Chamber is proud to be your voice, and I am proud of all that you do to make Oklahoma City one of the greatest cities in the nation to conduct business.


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