Looking Ahead and Working Together

Posted by: Roy Williams on Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 11:20:12 am

It has been a year since the citizens of Oklahoma City spoke up for our future and approved MAPS 3. While we are certainly anxious to see these projects begin to take shape, it is important to look back at the City’s first MAPS program to see how careful planning and deliberate process were a big contributor to the effort’s success.

When the first MAPS was approved, our city leaders put in place a citizens committee to provide insight and help guide the projects’ development. This valuable engagement and oversight is indicative of the ownership each of us has in the excellence of the program.

We are fortunate to have the same kind of citizen team helping to guide MAPS 3. Countless volunteer hours are being dedicated to help the City of Oklahoma City realize the vision these projects represent. The next months will bring interesting discussions and decisions about each of the projects and it is vital that we all trust the process and each other to make the best decisions for our city’s future.

We are all a witness to the wise decisions that led to great reward – more than $5 billion in investment after MAPS. The success of each project is necessary for the success of the overall plan – especially when it comes to the convention center, modern streetcar, the renovations along the Oklahoma River and the urban park. We must take extra care to ensure that we are not rushing the decisions, planning or execution.

Today, we have much to celebrate in Oklahoma City. We have a strong economy with a continually low unemployment rate, a bustling tourism industry, a dynamic NBA team and much more. On Dec. 8, 2009, the citizens of Oklahoma City voted to invest in our future with these projects. It is up to us all to ensure that we are wise with that investment. And it is up to us to support them in this progress and celebrate together as our city transforms yet again.


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