A thunderous showcase of our city

Posted by: Roy Williams on Sunday, July 1, 2012 at 12:00:00 am

It goes without saying that the Oklahoma City Thunder has captivated our city for four seasons. We have watched them win and lose, and stood by and cheered them on through it all. And while they have held our attention for years, last month, we got to watch as they seemingly captivated the nation (well, except for the state of Florida) and the world as they worked to reach the pinnacle of their sport with a trip to the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. In all of my years at this Chamber and the other years I spent in other cities, I can say that this level of success, excitement and unity was something I had yet to witness.

While we only had two games of the five game series televised from Oklahoma City, the results were undeniable. For two nights, millions of eyes (including those from more than 215 countries and territories across the world) were on our city showcasing our community, revitalized downtown, impressive quality of life and strong business climate. The exposure we received during those hours on air was magnified by the hours in between when thousands of media personnel and other visitors explored our city and in the news stories that followed. And thanks to the efforts of many, our city truly shined.

Thank you to everyone who helped us promote a positive image of Greater Oklahoma City during this exciting time. And thank you to the entire Oklahoma City Thunder organization for creating a team that we are proud to stand behind. Oklahoma City, both our team and our city, is on the rise. I am certain that this is not the last time we will captivate audiences as we take the stage, and I look forward to our next opportunity to show off our phenomenal city to the world.


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