Leadership Notes - September 2011

Posted by: Roy Williams on Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 12:00:00 am

At the Chamber, our focus is economic development. If you look at our program of work as a whole, we do a wide range of things and work on a variety of projects, creating a stronger economy in greater Oklahoma City is our main goal. And while it is always a huge accomplishment to bring a new company to our region – and our economic development staff works tirelessly to court these potential Oklahoma Citians – it is even more satisfying when we are able to help a company that is already a member of our community grow and thrive.

Whether we’re lobbying at the state legislature, working to reform our state's public education system, recruiting new members to join the Chamber or campaigning for initiatives such as MAPS 3, every effort we make is an effort to create a business climate that attracts new businesses and enhances growth and expansion opportunities for existing businesses.

Existing companies are the backbone of our economy and we must do all that we can to ensure their success. The bulk of new job creation in our city comes from the growth of our existing companies. I can say with certainty that Oklahoma City would have been a much harder sell to Boeing if they did not already have a successful operation here.

It is important that we continue to bring new businesses into our market. Our economy will benefit greatly from relocations like AAA and Continental Resources coming to Oklahoma City. Not only will these companies and their employees strengthen our economy and generate tax dollars to our city and state, but their employees will become invaluable members of our community. And once they are a part of our community, they too will benefit from the Chamber's work to assist existing businesses in any way possible. When Greater Oklahoma City's business community is strong and prosperous, Greater Oklahoma City is strong and prosperous. The Chamber will continue to work diligently to help the members of our business community grow and thrive.


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