Vote No to Crippling Our State

Posted by: Roy Williams on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 11:20:49 am

November is quickly approaching, and with it Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 2. Elections give us a unique opportunity to have a voice in a process that greatly impacts our lives and businesses. This year is no different. In fact, I might argue that this year’s elections are more important than in years past.
Not only will your ballot be filled with candidates for offices including Governor, Congressman, State Representatives and State Senators, but it will also feature 11 State Questions. One of those questions could cripple the bright future our state has positioned itself for – State Question 744 (SQ 744).

Oklahoma is a small state in terms of population. That means that when it comes to wanting to accomplish our goals such as better schools, safer homes, a stronger business climate and a vibrant economy, we have to work together. SQ 744 would make working together nearly impossible by requiring 56 percent of our state’s budget be spent on common education. That is equal to four and half times the budget for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, almost twice the entire DHS budget and more than $120 million more than the entire Public Safety and Judiciary budget.

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is proud to have joined the One Oklahoma Coalition, the organization leading the call to vote NO on SQ 744. This organization is comprised of Oklahomans from across the state and includes the business community, labor unions and other groups. With more than 75 organizations and associations actively involved, the One Oklahoma Coalition is the broadest coalition ever formed to defeat a state question.
SQ 744 is being promoted by a narrow group and their campaign is nearly exclusively funded by money from outside our state. The individuals in charge of this push are not considering the everyday needs of Oklahomans. It is our time to take a stand against this group and their efforts to put an end to our prosperous future.

I hope you will join me in taking a stand for the future of Oklahoma by voting NO on SQ 744. We cannot afford to cripple our state’s future to fund a proposal that does nothing to reform our schools.

And before you head to the polls on Nov. 2, take some time to find out which candidates for office will keep our state on its path toward a bright economic future. The Prosperity Project – – is a great resource to learn more about the candidates and where they stand on the issues.


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