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Oklahoma Prosperity Project

Keeping Voters Informed. The Oklahoma Prosperity Project

With nearly every Oklahoma voter being an employee, an employer or a retiree, it is vital to elect candidates who will keep Oklahoma competitive in the global marketplace and will grow our economy. The outcome on Election Day impacts Oklahoma businesses. Every day, Oklahomaís legislators make decision about the economy, health care, education, taxes and more. These decisions affect Greater Oklahoma Cityís companies' abilities to grow and compete.

Thatís why the Prosperity Project provides Oklahoma employers with tools to help educate their employees about critical election issues and candidates that effect their future. In Greater Oklahoma City, more than 800 companies partner with the Project to provide vital election information to their nearly 175,000 employees.

Research shows that employees want information from their employers on election issues and candidates that effect their jobs. And, once informed, they will vote in record numbers.

For more information on the Prosperity Project or to sign up to receive free election education toolkits for this year's election, visit Oklahoma Prosperity Project.