Greater Oklahoma City Chamber - Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

The Chamber opposes illegal immigration. The Chamber supports an improved immigration process that promotes the ability of students and workers to enter the U.S. lawfully and allows employers to accurately verify the status of employees through a federal database. We believe that immigration policy should be set by the federal government and support comprehensive reform at that level.

Additionally, the Chamber will support immigration reform on the state level that:

  1. Is consistent with federal law;
  2. Does not place unreasonable burdens, costs or penalties on Oklahoma employers;
  3. Is directed toward law enforcement issues related to Oklahoma crimes;
  4. Will not lead to "racial profiling" by law enforcement officials; and,
  5. Does not limit the ability of students graduating from Oklahoma high schools to qualify for state-supported aid or pay in-state tuition.


For more information, please contact a member of our Government Relations staff.