Greater Oklahoma City Chamber - Forward OKC

Forward OKC

Forward Oklahoma City was established to create quality jobs, increase capital investment, retain existing business and improve per capita income. Through three five-year cycles, these initiatives have laid the groundwork for a dynamic economic development effort that has produced results far exceeding expectations, repositioning Oklahoma City as one of the top economic development site locations in the country.

The first of the five-year economic development programs was created to expand Oklahoma City's economy and increase employment, investment and income.

Forward Oklahoma City II built on the success of Forward Oklahoma City I. Accomplishments of FOKC II included leading the effort to pass Right-to-Work; attracting Quad/ Graphics, the second largest provider of print, digital and related services in North America; and siting Dell, Inc., on the Oklahoma River.

The Forward Oklahoma City III initiative centered on four key components - position, place, people and projects - all of which focus on a vibrant business environment, positively raising Greater Oklahoma City's national and international image, and positioning the region for growing, expanding and attracting high-quality jobs.

The Forward Oklahoma City programs have had a major impact on Greater Oklahoma City's economic growth and prosperity.

Measuring Our Success

  • More than 99,000 new jobs created
  • $5.7 billion in capital investment
  • Supported implementation of the original MAPS projects, including six-month extension of the one-cent sales tax
  • Increased impact of Tinker Air Force Base through additional jobs, contracts and investment
  • Led efforts to pass Maps for Kids, Right to Work, Hotel/Motel Tax increase, Save Tinker Bond Issue, G.O. Bond, Tort Reform
  • Created a 10-county Regional Partnership for Economic Development
  • Supported pro-business programs such as the Research Institute for Economic Development (RIED) and the Prosperity Project
  • Developed a dynamic bioscience strategy which has assisted with growing the Oklahoma Health Center and start-up companies in life sciences
  • Led campaigns that brought the NBA to OKC (Big League City), created an unprecedented public-private partnership opportunity at the Tinker Aerospace Complex (GM Plant Bond Issue), and MAPS 3

Forward OKC IV
The national and global economic pressures we face require that we address the changing economic development landscape, and mandate that we embark on four major areas of focus, the cornerstones of Forward Oklahoma City IV:

  • Grow Oklahoma City companies and industries
  • Maximize Oklahoma City's competitive advantage
  • Market to attract new companies and investment
  • Seize Oklahoma City's opportunities

As we continue our path into uncharted economic waters, we are confident and enthusiastic that these cornerstones will enable us to sustain, grow, and position ourselves for the next five years as one of the premier and most competitive business locations in the United States.

For more information, or to get involved in Forward Oklahoma City, please contact Carlos Lopez at 405-297-8937.