Greater Oklahoma City Chamber - Economic Development Incentive Programs

Economic Development Incentive Programs

The Chamber supports retaining the state’s premier economic/community development programs which are critical in attracting new businesses to the state, assisting existing companies expand and encouraging investment in communities across the state. Following are the key programs the Chamber will work to protect:

  • Quality Jobs Act (includes 21st Century QJA and Small Employer QJA)
  • 5 year ad valorem abatement and sales tax exemption on manufacturing facilities
  • Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit
  • Historical Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Aerospace Engineer Tax Credit
  • Freeport (Inventory) Exemption

There are a number of other state programs the chamber believes should be retained which relate to specific industries and are designed to encourage economic development. Those programs include: Oklahoma Quality Events Act, Sales Tax Exemption & Refund for Aircraft Repairs, Exemption & Refund for Aircraft Maintenance or Manufacturing, Excise Tax Exemption on Aircraft Sales and the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program. 


For more information, please contact a member of our Government Relations staff.